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        Shijiazhuang Haoda Internal Combustion Engine Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. Our company is a professional manufacturer of automotive valves and internal combustion engine intake and exhaust valves. The company has advanced technology and excellent equipment, with various processing and testing equipment such as bimetallic friction welding and plasma surfacing. It also has advanced production processes such as conical surfacing, spiral polishing, rod end quenching, rod plating, nitriding, and surface laser treatment. The company introduces PAL CNC automation specialized production machinery; Especially in the surface treatment of the valve, the German QPQ salt bath soft nitriding process is adopted, which greatly enhances its surface strength, wear resistance, and fatigue resistance, and prolongs its service life. Executive standard: QC/T469-2002. Our products are exported to countries such as Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. The company adheres to technology as the core, market-oriented, management as the foundation, and customer satisfaction as the goal. The market and the future represent our values. We leave the real benefits to our customers and the long-term benefits to our partners.

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